The Live in catalog by Antaix includes practical and highly personalized walk-in closets, featuring shelves and frames with a thickness of 3.8 cm. This thickness makes them unique in the market. The closet system allows for infinite configurations, as the units are designed to be added together and finished with a side panel.
The units come in various widths and heights, and also offer an adjustable height option to fit any room with conventional dimensions. Additionally, corner units are available for designing L-shaped or U-shaped walk-in closets.

ADD walk-in closet with hanging drawer units


The sides, like the top cover, are less deep than the shelves and drawers to create a more open feel between units. They can incorporate LED lighting, which is activated by remote control and helps create practical and attractive closets, ideal for those who prefer an open view. For those who need only spot lighting, shelves with built-in LED lights are also available. Accessories for the ADD closets include a wide range of options such as shelves, shelves with bars, drawers, and the unique and practical drawer tray, among others.
With the ADD family, you can create open walk-in closets designed to store hanging clothes, folded clothes, underwear, and more, depending on the interior layout you design.

ADD walk-in closet with shelves, hanging bars, and drawers


Finishes for Walk-In Closets

ADD walk-in closets can be customized with the design of their interior layout and choice of finishes, which include all wood designs, solid colors, and the Textil melamine finish.
As for the hanging bars, which are made of aluminum, they are available in White and Black finishes.

The wide variety of available finishes offers endless possible combinations to personalize any walk-in closet.

ADD walk-in closet with shelves, hanging bars, and drawers

If you want to find the nearest store where you can see the ADD walk-in closets and the rest of the bedroom furniture from the Live in collection, you can write to us in the Contact section or send an email to, and we will inform you as soon as possible.