Antaix presents the new catalog of bedrooms and wardrobes Live In. The catalog offers furniture for adult rooms, as well as many proposals for wardrobes and dressing rooms. This catalog, based on the youth catalog Stay, expands Antaix's home furniture offerings. With this catalog, the circle is completed, offering furniture to furnish any room in the house. The Live In catalog provides innovative solutions as well as more conventional ones, all with a modern aesthetic.
Modern matrimonial bedroom with Horizon headboard and metal handle
  Among the novelties, it is worth noting the wide range of bed headboards, among which stand out the Gap models, composed of vertical strips and a 1 cm thick perimeter finish, the Horizon model, which includes a practical upper tray, and the Oblò model, which combines compartments with LED lighting and doors. In the selection of bed frames, new options are also offered, with the Plier frame and the Diagonal frame being the most unique and striking. Regarding bedside tables, the Live In collection offers the Bedek model, constructed with a 1 cm thick frame and unique fronts with integrated handles.
Matrimonial bedroom with regular Gap headboard
  To create compositions with ample storage capacity, the Live In collection has incorporated the Complete modules from the Stay catalog and created a wardrobe and a chest to combine with these modules, forming original compositions where the bed is positioned in front of the wardrobe. To achieve furniture compositions with high storage capacity, the range of overhead units has also been expanded.
Matrimonial bedroom with Complete elements
Regarding wardrobes and dressing rooms, this collection has added several concepts on top of the entire offering in the Stay catalog. On one hand, it presents wardrobes with swing doors and integrated overhead units, ideal for combining with overhead units. On the other hand, wardrobes with interior sliding doors have been incorporated. These wardrobes feature doors with aluminum profiles and various options for panels, including the option with a central glass panel.
Wardrobe with interior sliding doors with transparent glass
As for interior solutions, this catalog has expanded accessories, adding double drawers, glass top trays, or pull-out shoe racks, among others. For those who prefer to have their clothes and accessories in view, the collection offers a wide range of dressing rooms, including the ADD dressing rooms, which are constructed with sides and shelves 3.8 cm thick, giving them a robust aesthetic with great personality. These dressing rooms, like the wardrobes, can also incorporate LED lighting, further enhancing their distinctive appeal.
ADD dressing room with shelves, hanging bars, and tray drawers
Finishes for bedroom furniture Regarding finishes, the Live In collection offers five wood designs, a unique design simulating textile, two designs simulating stone, and nine solid colors. All finishes can be used to manufacture any item in the collection, greatly expanding the customization possibilities of the furniture. The finish options also include six fabric designs and three glass options, with the new and original Ribbed glass standing out. To further personalize the furniture, a wide variety of handles is offered, including the Inclined model, with highlights such as the metal handle available in all solid colors offered by the collection and the natural wood handle.
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