New Metal Shelves The Antaix Stay catalog expands with practical and original metal shelves. These shelves are designed to adapt to countless spaces, thanks to their size options. They are ideal for youth bedrooms and offices, as well as for living rooms, entryways, kitchens, and many other spaces.
Wall-mounted shelf with metal frames, shelves, and back panels  
This collection of shelves offers six heights of frames, two of which are designed to stand on the floor with an included adjustable foot, and four are designed to be wall-mounted. The metal frames combine with shelves that fit the necessary width and back panels that adjust to the required width and height. Regarding the shelves, there are options of 1.9, 3, and 3.8 cm thickness to choose from, depending on the desired aesthetic. The frames are made with 2 x 2 cm metal tubing, providing a very interesting lightness, especially for wall-mounted shelves.
Wall-mounted shelf with frames and shelves  
Shelf Finishes Regarding finishes, the new metal-framed shelves in the Stay collection can be customized in a wide variety of finishes. The metal frames are available in White and the other unicolor finishes available in the Stay collection. The shelves and back panels can be finished in all unicolors, the four wood designs, the new Noce finish, and the Textile finish. This wide variety of available finishes offers endless possible combinations.
Wall-mounted shelf with two-height metal frames
If you want to find the nearest store to see the shelves and other furniture in the Stay collection, you can write to us in the Contact section or send an email to, and we will inform you as soon as possible.