Children’s room with convertible bed and wardrobe Magic Tree


Original children’s furniture proposal in which a convertible bed with a built-in desk, a unique Magic Tree wardrobe and a Casita bookshelf are combined.

The convertible children’s bed consists of two drawer modules wrapped in a side panel, a toy module at the back and a practical desk with ideal measurements for the little ones.

This bed, to accommodate a 70 x 140 cm mattress while the child is small, is designed to become a bed for a 90 x 190 cm mattress later on. To achieve this bed transformation, the youth desk is relocated to the floor, right next to the drawers, to give the bed more length and add a side panel. The rear toy module then becomes a wall-mounted gallery.

The drawers that make up this children’s bed are 20.5 cm high, making it a perfect bed for children to access on their own. To ensure the safety of the little ones, the bed incorporates a removable bed guard.

As for the desk, it consists of a top with rounded edges that is supported on a leg that also serves as a toy storage unit. The desk top is cantilevered, leaving completely free space underneath. As a complement to the desk, a Toy children’s stool is presented.

Above the bed, an original cloud-shaped hanging gallery has been chosen, which gives the room personality and a totally childish look. Following this play of children’s elements, a Magic Tree wardrobe is presented, which, without a doubt, will not leave anyone indifferent. This wardrobe incorporates several modules with doors, which makes it not only visually attractive but also practical.

At the other end of the room, a Casita bookshelf has been installed, which also follows the children’s play and has the function of housing books and toys that we want to have on display.

As far as finishes are concerned, in this children’s room Nordic is combined with White and Soft Green. This combination of finishes creates a childish and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for the little ones to feel comfortable in their space. As for the handles, the Didalet flush handles have been chosen for the drawers of the convertible children’s bed, while the unique Magic Tree wardrobe only incorporates a Piccolo handle on the vertical module that simulates the tree trunk.

The Stay furniture collection offers elements and solutions for furnishing any bedroom, whether youth or children’s. Do you want to know where you can see the collection? Send us an email and we will inform you.



Children’s room with Convertible Bed, Magic Tree wardrobe and Casita bookshelf

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