Juvenile with vertical folding bed and wardrobe with pull-out desk


Furniture composition for a youth bedroom with a vertical folding bed and a wardrobe with a built-in study area, ideal for small rooms where space is needed during the day.

The furniture group is designed to have a complete bedroom with few meters, being used both for special occasions and for everyday use.

As for the vertical folding bed, it incorporates a loft with a lifting door to make the most of the space in the room. Next to the folding bunk bed, a complete wardrobe has been installed consisting of a one-door body and a body with drawers, a two-door loft and a pull-out desk.

The pull-out desk has hidden guides to pull it out and hide it with total ease, making it completely hidden and folded up when not in use to enjoy more space in the room. This study area incorporates LED lighting and a cork panel on the back to hold photographs, drawings…

The vertical folding bed is very practical to open and close, as you only need to pull the front out by the handle to open it and push it back to close it again. The hydraulic pistons it incorporates help to make it easy to move. The bed legs are positioned and hidden automatically by gravity.

Inside, this practical vertical folding bed has two tray shelves that allow you to store small objects, such as cushions, books or toys. Under the shelves there is the option of incorporating LED light to have light for reading from the bed. All the folding beds in the Stay collection have side covers to hide the fittings, which provides safety and improves the aesthetics of the beds when they are open. For a soft closing, the folding beds have small brakes.

The furniture composition with vertical folding bed is presented all in Amarelo finish, except for the pull-out desk which is presented in Nordic finish. This modern and fresh finish combination is ideal for creating a contemporary youth bedroom.

As for the handles, the Tap handles have been chosen for all the fronts except the front of the folding bed, which has the Atrio handle, and except the loft doors, which are presented without a handle.

Discover all the options and all the finishes available in the Stay youth furniture collection.


Furniture composition for small spaces with vertical folding bed and study area

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