Shelving with desk and mezzanine for storage


The ADD catalogue is committed to the manufacture of versatile and functional office furniture, ideal for creating a comfortable and ergonomic work environment without compromising on style.

This composition is composed of a corner unit with a desk with metal legs in black finish.

The upper part of the composition is topped by three hinged doors with a flanged handle that functions as a mezzanine, ideal for storing objects.

Finally, the lower part of the composition is formed by ADD shelves, with a thickness of 38mm combined with hinged door modules topped with a metal finger-joint finished in black.

The whole composition has a total measurement of 183,8cm wide and 226,4cm high, this offers us a great storage capacity in very little space. This composition is suitable for small spaces or even to create your own home office.

With the ADD system you will be able to give life to your spaces adapting them to your needs. At Antaix we are committed to the personalisation and exclusivity of each of the pieces of furniture we manufacture.

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Work area with desk perfect for rooms with limited space


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At Antaix, we remain at the forefront of furniture design. We constantly explore new technologies and trends to offer innovative and relevant products that adapt to all kinds of spaces and needs.


We integrate quality and design in each of our furniture. Using top quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to guarantee the durability and functionality of each piece.


We are committed to environmental sustainability at every step of the manufacturing process. We use environmentally friendly materials and responsible production practices to minimise our impact on nature and promote a more sustainable environment.

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