Antaix’s Virtual Reality (VR) project modernizes the point of sale to offer the best possible shopping experience for the end customer.
At Antaix, we enable our clients to implement Virtual Reality in their stores to showcase their projects in a personalized manner for each end customer. This immersive experience allows the user to be part of the project, move around, and consider aspects such as free space between furniture, finishes, and other details.

The VR program offers many advantages in facilitating the sales process. On one hand, it allows the end customer to locate and visualize their pre-conceptualized project in situ and make instant changes to ensure the furnishing process is as successful as possible. Additionally, it significantly reduces the risk of issues during manufacturing and assembly, as it provides an exact reproduction of the space where the furniture will be placed, allowing potential issues to be anticipated.

Moreover, it has been shown to double the confirmation rate of quotes by end customers, as they feel excited and confident about their purchase.

It is also important to note that this tool adds a touch of modernity and innovation to the point of sale, helping stores to advance in adapting to new technologies and differentiating themselves from local competitors. Regarding the software, Antaix offers intensive training on the design program and personalized support to address any questions that may arise during the sales process.

With this technological update, Antaix transforms the sales experience so that its best customers can stand out from their competitors both technologically and in sales volume.
If you want to learn more about Virtual Reality: Click here. To request information on how to implement VR in your store or find the nearest store, you can write to us in the Contact section or send an email to, and we will inform you as soon as possible.