Juvenile with trundle bed and bedside table chest


Youth bedroom where a rest area has been created with a bed and an original and practical chest, and a study area with a hanging desk and bookshelf.

As for the rest area, it is made up of a nest bed with a second extra bed for occasional use and drawer modules, all from the Complet line of the Stay collection. Next to these elements, a chest-table is presented that, in addition to serving to store small objects and leave the alarm clock, also has the function of a headboard. The nest bed, in this case, is for a 90 x 190 mattress, although it can be made for other mattress sizes. As for the height of the bed, it allows easy access, since the mattress is only 36.5 cm. from the ground.

A unique Pliegue bookshelf is presented as a complement to the study area, which gives personality to the youth bedroom, as well as being very practical for books.

At the other end of the room there is a practical set of furniture for working, consisting of a Join hanging desk, which leaves the lower part completely free and creates an image of light furniture. Next to the hanging desk, a medium-height shelf has been placed, specifically 166.6 cm high, made up of several Troya elements. As a complement to this work area, a small drawer table with wheels has been incorporated to be easily relocated to any corner of the room.

This Troya shelf, which combines shelves with doors, is ideal for books and other elements, whether those that we want to have on display or others that we want to hide. Both the shelf and the desk are ideal solutions for small spaces in the house that want to be adapted for study or for home office work.

The nest bed is presented in the Fiordo finish, combined with the Mela and Grafito applied to the chest. As a complement to these finishes, the Textile is added on a backing panel to protect the wall. The same finishes are combined in the study area. As for the handles, both on the nest bed and on the drawer table, the Tap model is presented, while the doors of the shelf do not have a handle, achieving a cleaner image.

The result is a modern and elegant atmosphere, perfect for all tastes and with a great feeling of warmth.

The Stay youth furniture collection offers a wide variety of finishes and handles, as well as size options, to adapt these furniture to the measurements and tastes of each client. Discover it at your nearest store.


Youth furniture proposal with bed and chest-table and a practical study area

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